Animal Print Dinnerware Sets

October 6, 2016
3 pcs/lot western food

Other dinnerware sets for 12 from Pfaltzgraff include Snow Flurry, which features snowflakes on a background of dark blue and the pure white Filigree. The Animal Print line features of images of moose, ducks and bears. Other patterns are bolder, such as the Blossom Vine, Midnight Sun and Evening Sun. A set of square dinner plates and bowls called Cayman is also available.

Mikasa's dinnerware sets for 12 come in the Italian Countryside Platinum pattern, with its plates and cups rimmed in bright platinum; Red Berries, which features a modest sprinkling of bright red berries against pure white porcelain; and white sets such as Hayes White, Ortley, Taylor and Parchment Engraved.

Corelle also offers a 76-piece dinner set. The buyer has the option of four patterns: Breathtaking Blue Beads, City Block, Winter Frost White and Spring Pink. The JCPenney Home Regency Gold set is made of porcelain edged with gold-tone. This service has 12 dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, 6-inch bowls, and 6-inch fruit plates. It also has 12 10 1/2-ounce mugs.

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