Christmas Dinnerware Sets for 8

October 28, 2022
Christmas Dinnerware Sets

You can't catch the gingerbread man, but tryptophan man? That's easy. He's enjoying a post-turkey nap at the dining table. To help keep your turkey-stuffed guests awake and enjoying the festivities, decorate your table this holiday season with these exciting Christmas dinnerware and drinkware options from Hayneedle.

A Lenox Wonderland

Lenox's holiday dinnerware offers a fresh take on festive. Classic meets contemporary in Lenox's holiday themes, which range from winter greenery and garden birds to fun and hip 12 Days of Christmas drawings. Lenox dinnerware is made from high-quality bone china and porcelain, with 24 karat gold accents on select pieces.

Fine. Flawless. Pfaltzgraff.

Pfaltzgraff has been a leading name in fine ceramics for over 200 years. Their winterberry Christmas dinnerware is one of America's best-loved holiday dining themes. Our Pfaltzgraff selection includes dinnerware sets and pieces in microwave- and dishwasher-safe, chip-resistant stoneware.

Have a Very Rachael Christmas

Rachael Ray dinnerware presents a laidback look for holiday-ish meals, with a changing seasons pattern that's timely all year round. Rach's holiday-specific dinnerware sets are literally a hoot, with wide-eyed owls to ensure a Hooo-py Christmas.

Patterned Christmas Plates

Tired of matchy matchy holiday decor? Create an eclectic holiday dining display with our two- and four-piece Christmas plate sets. Our selection includes Christmas tree, holly, wreath, and cranberry themes in dinner, salad, charger, and accent plates.

Wine Bottle Holiday Wear

As a surefire in-law coping mechanism, wine is always an important part of the holidays. Give your sentry-like line of wine bottles the military honors they deserve with nutcracker wine charms and bottle stoppers.

A Mug For Every Moment

Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Eggnog with Uncle Joe's secret ingredient. Post-dinner coffee (with dessert). Christmas mugs go with everything, and so do our mug themes, including Laurie Gates cartoons and Lenox mugs with matching stirring spoons.

Bowls Beyond The BCS

Christmas and New Year's is college football bowl season, the perfect time to put holiday-themed bowls to use. Keep your football fans fueled with our generously sized soup, pasta, and dessert bowls.

The Best Hosts Prepare With Christmas Drinkware

A matching set of Christmas drinkware is a must for every holiday occasion: one for water, one for wine, and one for who knows what. You'll raise a stylish toast with our Christmas glasses, coolers, cups, wine goblets, and more.

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