Animal Print Dinnerware Plates

May 29, 2017
Dinnerware Ikat 16-Piece

When you're hosting a party, tableware should be the least of your planning concerns. Party City makes this portion of your party planning a snap, offering complete sets of tableware arranged by color or theme.

Colored tableware includes 21 solid-hue sets of everything from A to Z in entertaining: Table covers, plates, cups, napkins, stemware, serving trays and utensils, and more. Choose from a selection of inexpensive plastic table covers, reusable fabric table covers for more formal occasions, or table cover rolls for events at a business, church, or organization. As for the bowls, glasses, and plates, you'll find a similar range of choice, from value packs of light paper plates to sturdier card stock plates hold up under heavy loads of baked beans and potato salad, as well as more elegant plastic plates of various shapes and sizes.

For theme parties, garden parties, and ever bachelorette parties, browse our seletion of patterned tableware, including zebra print, leopard print, chevron, and floral. Each tableware theme is organized ease and convenience of shopping, so that all the basics are covered and nothing important gets left off the list. You may find a few extras on your shopping journey — in other areas of the site, we offer invitations, favors, candy, and decorations to match. But here it's all about the tableware — 21 solid-colored sets of party essentials, and many more sets of animal, floral, and ornamental print tableware that can be blended in with your solid colors for a truly striking impression.

Top Tableware Themes & Products

- Safari Chic Leopard Print Party Supplies feature a trendy but retro leopard print pattern on plates, napkins, cups, table cover, invitations, and more. - Bright Chevron Party feature the same bold chevron pattern as black and white, only in brilliant primary and pastel colors. - Entertain like a pro! Our chafing dishes, aluminum pans, wire racks, and chafing fuel let you serve a piping hot meal in virtually any setting. - Prepare for a bit of bubbly and an evening of celebration. These Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes are a must for any spirited gathering, and can even be washed and reused for gatherings in the future. - Give fruit, chips, salad, and other food the right presentation with this Clear Plastic Bowl, featuring a frosted wave pattern.
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