Popular Dinnerware Sets

October 18, 2017
Popular Dinnerware Sets

It’s hard to believe, but since then Corelle brand has developed around 2, 000 more patterns—an astonishing number that reflects the brand’s status as a dinnerware icon. While some patterns have been discontinued, others have proven to be as enduring as the chip-resistant, stain-proof dinnerware is durable. And as the next generation of consumers follow their moms’ trusted advice and buy Corelle dinnerware, other new favorite patterns keep emerging and who knows—they just might be considered popular classics decades from now.

With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to take a walk through the 5 most popular Corelle dinnerware patterns today, some of which have stayed on top for decades!

  • Introduced: 1970
  • It’s always tough to top an original, and the Winter Frost White line is just that—a classic coupe-shape favorite whose neutral color lets food be the star of every meal, no matter what the occasion. A 1972 catalog description put it best: “Simple yet stylish. Pretty yet practical. Ageless in appeal and adaptable to any type of meal. At any time of day.” Yup, that pretty much covers it.
  • FUN FACT: While Corelle brand can’t track exactly how many pieces of Winter Frost White dinnerware it has produced, the number could easily exceed 1 billion. In fact, more than 40 million pieces sold within the first 18 months of its debut!
  • Introduced: 1995
  • With this soft and delicate pattern in neutral, light-green and light-blue colors, Corelle dinnerware was country way before country was cool. A global dinner-table mainstay, this venerable pattern continues to receive a lot of love from its fans on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Introduced: 2006
  • For decades, simple but sophisticated has been a design mantra for Corelle dinnerware, and this black-and-white pattern exemplifies that sensibility. The renowned London design firm, Studio Levien, created the Square line, and Simple Lines was one of the initial three patterns selected to help launch this groundbreaking dinnerware collection. The graceful-looking black swirls nicely complement the sleek, fashion-forward shape. Hip to be square, indeed!
  • As proven by the timeless traditional tuxedo, black and white never goes out of style. That’s why City Block remains a crowd-pleaser nearly a decade after its introduction. The secret to its popularity is a simple geometric pattern that’s bold without being overwhelming. Does that make sense? Hmmm, perhaps not. Then again, neither does strong and lightweight—a combo that’s worked out pretty well for Corelle dinnerware.
  • Introduced: 2011
  • If the venerable Winter Frost White pattern is the equivalent of your little black dress, then Splendor is that fun outfit that injects a little pizzazz into your wardrobe. This new kid on the block offers a celebratory and festive feel, with a strong color palette of red—(the number one kitchen color for decades)—and gray (a popular new neutral tone). Style and strength never looked better!
  • FUN FACT: The most frequently used word in the names of Corelle patterns is “blue, ” used at least 43 times, followed by “garden, ” used 14 times.
  • Source: www.worldkitchen.com
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