Grey Square Dinnerware

December 26, 2018
Chinese Porcelain

While they are not defined by an official size, most range in diameter from 4 to 9 inches and are always smaller than the dinner plates. They're the perfect size and shape for a delicate, beautiful serving of tossed greens, colorful chopped vegetables, and crunchy nuts and seeds topped with a light homemade vinaigrette. When setting the dinner table for a formal gathering, place each dish to the left of the dinner plates and above the forks. When using placemats, the dish should sit at the upper left corner of the cloth and should not touch it.

Why Use Them?

Separate the fresh, raw greens from the cooked protein, vegetables and carbohydrate of the main course by giving it its own serveware. If serving the salad before or after dinner, you'll need separate table settings Salad plates aren't just for your leafy greens—while they can be used in conjunction with appetizer, dessert and bread plates, they can also be used in place of them. Anything served in smaller portions can be placed on them, as it's harder to make a large dinner plate look hearty and full with portion-controlled serving sizes. The beauty of dinnerware like this is that it can so easily be switched in and out, and no dish has to be used for only one type of food. Versatile and dynamic, this piece isn't just for formal dinner parties; while it can be set with your most elegant bone china, it can also be used alongside your everyday dish sets—on its own for a small meal, a snacking or dinner for a child.

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