China Dinnerware Sets Clearance

November 19, 2014
Fine China Dinnerware Sets

Elegantly dine in style while adding a subtle accent to any kitchen or dining room décor by using a collection of fine china dishes. Available in a variety of colors, styles and designs, china dinnerware including plates, cups, and bowls can bring personality and character to any formal dining occasion.

Impress guests by allowing beautiful, mouth-watering dishes to become the focal point of any lunch or dinner by serving meals on plates and bowls from a dinnerware set from Hotel Collection. Featuring luxurious, solid colored plates, bowls and cups, this dinnerware set from Hotel Collection will serve as a stunning, yet practical accent piece to any kitchen or dining room décor.

For a slight modern twist that doesn’t compromise the delicate dining room décor, select dinnerware that features contemporary-inspired designs around the edges of the china dishes and cups. Waterford dinnerware features several collections that feature bold, eye-catching designs and patterns. Choose from edgy swirls and loops for a subtle, yet attention grabbing design, or select bowls, plates and cups that feature bright, vibrant colors such as navy blue and gold for an impressive centerpiece.

Allow your unique personality and character to shine through by selecting a set of china dishes that feature bright floral or country designs. Royal Albert Dinnerware features floral and country designed plates, bowls and cups in various sizes and colors. Add a splash of color by choosing pink-tinted, flower trimmed plates and bowls, or allow the beautiful roses, daisies and floral designs to take center stage with a white colored dinnerware collection.

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy lunches and dinners by choosing a set of elegantly designed china dishes and cups that accent the surrounding décor beautifully. Discover a variety of china dinnerware collections in various styles, colors and designs at Macy’s.

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