Ikea Kitchen dishes

March 9, 2017
IKEA ANTAGEN dish-washing

Made mostly of cotton and in a variety of styles, our advanced blend of materials won’t get fluffy and shed fibers when drying dishes and glasses. Our dish towels incorporate colorful, patterned designs that are created by talented designers, and most of them come in packs of two for added value. And because you’ll be using them a lot, you’ll want them to be nice and clean at all times. That’s why we make them durable enough to be machine-washed over and over again. From our most basic TEKLA design to our IKEA 365+ GUNSTIG linen and cotton dish towels with high absorption capacity, we have all the bases in your kitchen covered.

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Apart from their obvious practical use, dish towels can enhance the décor of your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for plain pastel colors like our VÅRLIGT range of utility towels, or colorful prints that form the main design of our ÅGOT and EVALILL collections, you’ll find a product to suit your taste. Combining modern designs and good old-fashioned drying power, we make sure our kitchen towels are safe, strong and stylish. Many of our designs match other items across our range of kitchen products, so you can maintain a pleasantly unified style in your kitchen.

Source: www.ikea.com
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