Christmas Dinner Plates Cheap

July 5, 2015
Nancys Daily Dish Edward
Jeannette L. T. Rating:


I purchased the American Atelier Boa dinnerware as a Christmas gift for my daughter, who does not like any dinnerware with floral or lace patterns. I had a difficult time deciding, but once I saw this design, I was impressed with the Boa design. It was quite different, and a design I felt she would like. My only disappointment, one of the dessert plate had a chip. I called Overstock about the damaged plate and asked if I needed to return the set, or could they send a replacement for the damaged plate. They quickly agreed to do so and, much to my surprise, mailed a full 16 piece set. I called back thinking this was an error and was told by the CSR to discard of the damaged one, and enjoy the set. My daughter loves the set and is happy with the extra pieces. She said she loves the set, has had compliments, and will only hand wash them as she's afraid to damage any of them. Thank you Overstock... you came through!

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