Square Black Dinnerware

December 14, 2016
Black Triangle Dinnerware

Better Homes and Gardens offers a large selection of dinnerware in different shapes, colors and materials, such as the basic white square or round porcelain dinnerware sets. Many sets feature specific colors and designs, including the Sylvan Springs set featuring square black dinnerware studded with simple flowers, or the Floral Spray set featuring square cream-colored plates and bowls decorated with large, colorful flowers.

The Bazaar Brown and Red dinnerware sets offer rounded square plates and bowls with lined black and brown or black and red colors. The Tuscan Red set features dark red eating surfaces surrounded by black. Many round dinnerware sets are made up of solid colors.

Some dinnerware is made up of non-traditional materials, such as melamine, a type of plastic. This dinnerware includes Textured Dinner Plates in a variety of colors, such as teal and gold, or Textured Small Bowls, which are offered in red and white. The melamine dinnerware doesn't come in sets, but instead are available as individual plates, bowls and cups.

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