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July 26, 2016
Of Tuscan Style Dinnerware

Tuscan backsplashTuscan kitchen design made easy: Check out photos of, or learn how to of a Tuscany style kitchen with just a few key elements.

  • Furniture: Tuscan kitchen cabinets, Tuscan kitchen tables & chairs

Tuscan Style Kitchen Design: Walls & Flooring

Tuscan Kitchen

Rustic Tuscany kitchens look quite sober, with simple wooden furniture, white walls and a Tuscan backsplash of plain white or sparingly patterned tiles.

Elaborate Tuscan wall are rare in Tuscan farmhouse kitchens; you'll find them mostly in elegant Tuscan villas and palazzi.

Does this mean that you, too, should go for frugal, austere Tuscany kitchen designs, even if you live on the other side of the globe? Nope.

Tuscan Art Prints

If your kitchen doesn't have a view across rolling Tuscan countryside, then make up for it by painting your kitchen walls in : terra cotta, yellow umber, deep rusty reds, oranges, shades of peach and pink and - of course - green.

tuscan art prints Then, spruce up your walls by hanging : , or ready-to-hang canvases & .

Italian Wall Panel
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Add a Tuscan kitchen backsplash (or a wall mural) in from Tuscany, or from next-door Umbria, or even from other parts of Italy if you prefer those tile designs (who's going to notice, anyway?)

Use Tuscan floor tiles as well: Tuscan kitchen design looks most authentic with terracotta (saltillo) tiling or with . Use painted tiles for the entire floor, or for ornamental detail only (e.g. a medaillon in the middle of the kitchen floor, or a tiled baseboard/skirting board).

Furniture For Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan Kitchen
Table & Chair

Tuscan kitchens are usually furnished in unpainted wood (preferably warm brown or deep honey tones).

Occasionally, you can also find Tuscany style kitchen furniture painted in white, cream, vanilla, dark blue or dark green.

Tuscany kitchens are eat-in kitchens, and you won't usually find a kitchen island. Instead, the kitchen table doubles as workspace if necessary.

Tuscan kitchen tables are no fancy affair: turned table legs are are as sophisticated as it gets. Chairs are simple ladderbacks with straw seats.

tuscan kitchen table & chairs Contemporary rustic Tuscan kitchen design includes fitted cabinets, but in addition there's often a china cabinet where everyday crockery and fine are displayed.

Tuscan Kitchen
Dish Rack

Instead of a china cabinet, you could opt for a credenza with a hutch.

Alternatively, store your tableware, serveware, and kitchenware in a . (Armoires make great mini-pantries for Tuscan style kitchens, too.)

The last must-have furniture item for Tuscany kitchen designs is a wall-mounted dish rack above the sink. It adds rusticity and heaps of Tuscan flair to your kitchen, especially if you have a few gorgeous perching on it.

Accessories for Tuscan Kitchen Design

a) Textiles:

are part & parcel of Tuscan kitchen decorating; they're usually white and made of cotton or lace.

b) Tuscan Style Dinnerware & Majolica

Tuscan Plates
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Decorating with majolica pottery is what gives Tuscan kitchens their warmth, unique elegance and charm.

You can complement a Tuscan kitchen design with ...

  • Instead of regular Tuscan dinner plates, decorate a wall, a ledge, or the space above the lintel with large-scale or really ornate .

Tuscan Style
Pitcher (Deruta)
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  • a fabulous on the credenza: Tuscan eye candy that will make even the plainest kitchen shine with warmth and beauty.

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For more, have a look at Gerard O'Rourke's site - Gerard is a trained architect and architectural draftsman with decades of experience. If you're planning to remodel your kitchen - or any part of your home - his site is well worth a visit.

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