Mexican style Dinnerware

July 23, 2017
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Take your imagination on a trip to a pleasant climate with sun-baked landscapes and beautiful coastlines. Where colors echo those of the sky and sea. Private courtyards. Country hillsides. Rustic inns that are as welcoming as they are charming. There’s much to appreciate in this region that covers 21 countries and 3 continents. It’s no wonder Mediterranean style has become increasingly popular in home decor as our modern culture becomes more diverse and eclectic in taste and style.

Our buyers traveled to Turkey, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria to bring back treasures from this region; united in their commitment to craftsmanship and old world charm but with unique characteristics representative of their country. They shared with us some of their observations about each country and what makes the ceramics special. In store, you’ll find dinnerware, serveware, decorative glass, cookware and more in addition to the collections featured here.

Turkey has been producing beautiful carpets, stone carvings and pottery since the Middle Ages. Local artisans still embrace the hand-crafted traditions of their ancestors. Many of the handpaints include references to nature such as florals or fish. Each painted with a story about harmony. Raised detailed in the paint adds a textural richness to the overall piece.

Italy known for its exquisite cuisine and gorgeous art is influenced by Tuscan sunsets, countryside vineyards and the flavors of Florence. What makes Italian ceramics very special is that they are still made in small family-owned workshops where one of a kind items are produced using techniques handed down from generation to generation. Minor variations show the hand of the artisan and add to the authenticity.

Spanish ceramics is one of the most beautiful treasures Spain has to offer with its vibrant use of color and handcrafted nature. In the early days only cobalt blue was used because it was the most expensive pigment, making it highly sought after and assuring the quality of the piece. Today the design remains highly regulated by tradition allowing only 6 colors for use – blue, yellow, black, green, orange and mauve.

Bulgaria is a southeastern Europe country that traces it’s origins back to prehistoric times making it home to some of the world’s oldest treasures. Bulgarian pottery combines traditional design with modern techniques in spicy tones producing a distinctive pottery appropriate for every day use.

The Mediterranean Event is available at select HomeGoods. We think the unique mix and amazing prices are worth the trip. After all, visiting HomeGoods is easier than traveling to the Mediterranean. What you choose to tell your friends is up to you.

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