Aristocratic tableware

August 2, 2020
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Aristocrat - who is he? As a rule, this concept is associated with a person from a noble and wealthy family. Sometimes, in order to correspond to this concept, you just have to behave properly, dress well, for examplein good church dresses and suits, and visit the right places and the right people.

Nowadays, a cup or a plate can be bought in any supermarket, and it is hard to believe that once the dishes were considered a luxury, and few could afford it. It turns out that such special dishes still exist. From films and history books, we remember that in every country the nobility attached great importance not only to good food, but also to the dishes on which the food is served. At first, these were wooden products with skillful carving, then painted clay, and then gold, with precious stones. Moreover, the one who had more rubies on the cup was more respected and considered richer.

But what kind of dishes is considered the height of taste and quality in our time and why? The first glass factory was built in the Czech Republic back in the 20s of the 18th century and quickly became famous thanks to amazing craftsmen. Czech chandeliers, for example, were used to decorate their palaces by Louis XIV, the Turkish sultan Osman III and the Russian empress Elizabeth II.

In 1857, a landmark event for both the Czech Republic and the crystal industry happened: the merchant Ludwig Moser founded his glass factory in Karlovy Vary, not just as another such enterprise in the country, but with a specific goal: to satisfy the most refined tastes of the local aristocracy. His products were presented at the most important fairs and exhibitions of glass in Vienna, Paris, Chicago and other cities, after which they attracted the attention of political leaders and other prominent figures of the time.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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