Purple Melamine plates

July 7, 2023
2016 desain baru desain tinggi

An earthquake and a tsunami destroyed much of Portugal's antique dinnerware in 1755. Since then, reconstruction efforts included replenishing the country's hand-made ceramics. Vista Alegre, a popular porcelain manufacturer in Portugal, produces dinnerware sets such as the Lychee, Peking, Luso Platina and the Santa Clara. The President of the Portuguese Republic, the White House, Queen Elizabeth II and other world leaders use Vista Alegre products, as of 2016. The brand finds its appeal by linking its products and designs to Portuguese culture.

Another Portuguese company that makes porcelain dinnerware is Costa Verde. Costa Verde's Palacio da Pena set decorates high quality porcelain dinnerware with white and silver scroll. This company, like many Portuguese porcelain manufacturers, distributes its porcelain in many countries.

A common theme of hand-painted Portuguese dinnerware is the presence of vibrant, bright colored paints featuring elaborate patterns. Some pieces are specifically for home decor, and shops often mark these decorative pieces with the words: "for decoration only." Consumers can find such dinnerware in antique and gift stores.

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