Vietri Dinnerware Reviews

October 4, 2022
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Italian pottery storeAre you looking for a Vietri outlet store? If so we have good news for you. You don’t have to look any further! While these types of stores are great there’s a better way to shop to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. We’ve compiled a ton of information revolving around Vietri pottery so you can learn everything you need to know before deciding to make your purchase.

If you’re buying online or don’t have a lot of experience with high-end ceramics then the only way to avoid being scammed is to buy from a reputable source. We’ve done all of the vettings for you and can only recommend buying from our source below.

Already know what you want? Here’s where to shop for the absolute best deals:

One thing that has been an issue over the years is fakes and forgeries. Since this pottery is highly regarded and expensive, there are people out there creating cheaply made fakes and passing them off as legitimate goods.

If you’re not sure exactly what it is or what you’re looking for then please feel free to browse out informative articles relating to one of our favorite brands. We’ll break these down into sections for you here.

Vietri Dishes

We have a great write up on everything you need to know about their dishes and why they’re so popular. The problem is most people can’t afford it so you’ll be in an exclusive club with these well-known dishes. Their dishes are the favorite items for this brand but their whole product line is just as nice.


Their pottery is top of the line. OMG, they have some of the most classic and beautiful pieces of anyone out there. Everything about this pottery is exactly why we love Italian ceramics. The only thing I don’t about it is that they don’t make any figurines or statues. Some of my favorite pieces of pottery are detailed ceramic statues of animals. And, you know what? They’re all online for you to find, right at your fingertips without even having to step foot in a physical outlet!


Dinnerware obviously falls in line with dishes and plates but we still wanted to make a separate section to talk about the great combinations they have. They really know how to combine their pieces so that everything flows. It’s really hard to just buy one dish without purchasing the whole dinnerware set.


As talked about in the last section their Plates are just lovely. One of my favorites is the Vietri Incanto Lace Dinner Plate. If you haven’t checked these out yet the read our reviews and information about them so you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s really hard to find these in an outlet store but you sure can find them on the internet. That’s part of why we’re writing this. Most people don’t know that the outlet stores are ripping people off when you can find those much better deals on pieces that are rarer online.

History of Vietri

We’ll break down the history of this amazing brand. We think it’s an important topic when it comes to the quality and craftsmanship. Hop over to check out this brief section to know exactly why this brand is one of the top Italian brands in the world and why it’s so exclusive.

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