Ceramic Serveware

May 20, 2017
tat2top Rating:


I bought this set because I wanted a pepper AND salt grinder, so I needed an electric grinder with a CERAMIC grinding wheel, which is required to grind sea salt. I was worried, because the description wasn't very specific, but these do, indeed have the ceramic grinders. It's actually a set of two identical grinders with the ceramic grinders, so they can be each be used for pepper, salt, or any other spice.They are attractive looking, and so far, seem to work just fine... the only complaints I have are that they are are bit tricky to set up (with batteries) and a little hard to fill, but if you take your time, it's not a problem. Also, the grinding adjustment on the bottom isn't very accurate, but the price was awesome, so it's not that big a deal, at least to me. I got a couple sets as gifts, so I hope they don't fall apart, but so far, I am pleased! Considering that others I looked at cost 2-4 times more!

Source: www.overstock.com
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