Polish Pottery Christmas Tree

May 11, 2019
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Polish PotteryAbout 15 years ago my SAS, Carole was living in Germany with her husband who was stationed there for some time to drive tanks about the countryside. She and a few of her lady friends would go traipsing about eastern Europe, junkin’, shopping and generally wreaking havoc in their wake. No I’m just joking, they behaved…most of the time.

Anyway, they regularly crossed the border into Poland for a Polish Pottery run that of which I was thankfully a beneficiary. Polish Pottery was originally made long ago by farmers in rural Poland; hand painted with simple, primitive designs mostly dots replicating the eye of the peacock feather.

Polish PotteryMy sister gave me my first taste of the lovely handpainted pottery for my birthday one of those many years ago.

And not too soon later a baby gift for my first born, a tea set. Isn’t it cute!!!

Anyone want to come over and play? We can make scones and tea and I think I have some brie left over in the fridge. Any takers?

I digress…although tea sounds mighty fine right now…maybe later? My sister started my infatuation with Polish Pottery back then and I’ve continued to collect it throughout the years. The pottery has become quite popular since and hence the rise in costs (my sister and her friends used to get dishes in Poland for $2 and $3 a piece!), so my purchases are few and far between nowadays. But you can easily find it in most TJ Maxx and Marshall’s stores, as well as online. There’s a whole slew of different pieces – even Christmas ornaments.

I have a thing about bowls. Bowls are multifunctional. They hold things. Good things. You can never have too many bowls. Big bowls. Little bowls. Medium sized bowls. Bowls rock.

Polish Pottery Polish Pottery Polish Pottery Polish Pottery
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