White Stoneware Dinnerware

September 15, 2021
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Tue Jun 28 00:00:00 MDT 2016

just4maddi Rating:


I have been using these dishes now for 6 weeks straight. They have gone from microwave to table to dishwasher without any problems. When heated in the microwave, the only part that gets hot is the part touching the food. Because the dishes and bowls have wide rims, this means you can safely remove things from the microwave without getting burned. They work well at keeping hot food hot. At the same time, if nothing hot is touching the surface, the dish itself will cool fairly quickly. The finish on these dishes is wonderful to the touch. The finish is smooth and silky and feels cool in temperature when I remove them from the cupboard. They are a pleasure to simply hold and will do well in a fine dining setting. I honestly fell a little indulged using them for everyday They are also fairly light weight. Not as light as melamine or glassware like Corelle, but significantly lighter than stoneware making them easy to lift. About 4 years ago, I purchased a set of what was supposed to be high quality stoneware. The first bowl of that stuff chipped within 4 weeks. This set seems resilient and not a single chip. The mugs are a reasonable size for a good cup of coffee or tea. They are not the giant size that seems to be popular but they are also not so small to render them useless. Again, they do well in the microwave and you can remove the mug by the handle where it is cool to the touch and deceptively sturdy. My one complaint is I wish the bowls were styled a little deeper. I ended up buying different bowls also by Red Vanilla, also sold by Overstock ITEM#: 13745099. They are not an exact match in style but because they are the same material and the same color, I believe they match just fine. The wavy edge of the plate for this set compliments the wavy outer edge of the bowls. (Look at the other set, you'll see what I mean.) Something other people may have a problem with but I expected was the fact that they are not a true white in color, everything is more of a pale ivory color. As I mentioned though, I expected the color to be a bit off-white and I find them beautiful; but I also would never choose to have white cabinets in my kitchen. All on all, a wonderful purchase I would highly recommend and I would repeat. In fact, I guess I did ;)

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