Yellow Dinner Plates Ceramic

June 4, 2018
Yellow dinner plates ceramic
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We bought these for everyday use several months ago, and we are thrilled with them. They're beautiful and stack in the dishwasher & cabinets easily. I have had dishes made out of ceramic that were too heavy and scratched the tops of the dishes they were stacked on in the cabinets, so I was specifically looking for modern, square, white dishes made from porcelain that were more lightweight. Each plate weighs about the same as a plate of good china, not cheap in any way. And no scratches in the cabinet! They are more expensive than any other set I found and it took me a while to bite the bullet; I am very frugal. I looked everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, to find some everyday dishes that were less expensive, but there was nothing I liked as well as these. I am still pleased with them every time I set the table. I would buy them again in a heartbeat.

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