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November 2, 2016
John Pawson Ceramic Plates and

Choosing dinnerware can be one of the most enjoyable parts of putting your home together, and with Pottery Barn’s excellent variety of dinnerware set styles, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from as you narrow down your choices to the final winning option. From simple neutral colors in elegantly restrained designs to intricately patterned and brightly colored sets, we have something for everyone, no matter what kind of taste you have. If your style is eclectic and modern, our selections give you the option to be bold and pick a mixed collection of dinnerware sets in different colors of the same style. If you have more of a simple, classic approach to your daily dishware, we have a variety of selections that can suit your taste perfectly.

With our dinnerware options, you can outfit yourself with everything you need for daily meals, formal dining and special occasion decorating. Choose a basic dinnerware set for daily use that you enhance with additions like seasonal decorations or formal chargers, or select different sets for a variety of different purposes. The choice is yours. If you have the means and the space to select a few different sets, why not add more options to your collection? Changing out your dinnerware as the seasons progress throughout the year is a great way of shaking things up in a simple way that allows you to feel festive without a lot of effort.

If you choose to go with one of our simple dinnerware sets but want to give yourself the option to mix things up occasionally, appetizer and salad plates are a great choice for adding color and style variety to your dishware collection. These small plates are great for serving snacks or first courses, and they can add just a little pop of color or a dash of pattern to your minimalistic dining table. With a selection of styles to choose from, it’s easy to build a charming and elegant collection of accent plates from the array of options.

As you shop for dinnerware sets, it’s important to consider your practical needs in addition to picking your favorite style. Different dinnerware sets come with different pieces; some just have a set of plates, while others include multiple pieces such as dinner, salad and dessert plates in addition to bowls of different sizes and even mugs or teacups. If you plan to use your dinnerware sets for entertaining, it makes sense to invest in an option with more pieces so you’ll never be left in the lurch if you want to present multiple courses. A dinnerware set that appeals to your style but doesn’t have all the pieces you want doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, though. You can always supplement with individual plates or bowls in the sizes you want from a similar or matching collection.

In addition to supplementing your dinnerware set with additional pieces, our tabletop products make it possible for you to create a complete table setting toolkit consisting of everything from plates and bowls to flatware and table linens or placemats. Because everything we offer gives you high quality, you can assemble different pieces that suit your taste and have confidence that your completed dinnerware arsenal will look fantastic and serve you through countless meals to come when all put together. Entertaining will be a breeze once you’re outfitted with the right necessities, and you’ll look to everything from dinner parties to game nights with friends as an exciting opportunity to pull out your gorgeous tabletop wardrobe. We also carry plenty of outdoor dinnerware options to give you even more power to please your guests, and yourself, too.

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