Tapas Plates and bowls

April 4, 2018
Tapas Plates and Bowls
Small bowl with lining that matches above. Measures almost 4 3/4" across the top and it's 1 3/8" deep. This line has an interesting ribbing below the rim that gives it a designer look. 36 pcs/case Another closeout that's not likely to come around again. First quality rectangular tray measures 5" long, 3 3/4" wide and 1 1/8" deep. Ivory body, vitrified chinaware. Perfect for small portions. Limited quantities. 36 pcs/case Larger version ivory rectangular tray measuring 7 1/2" long, 5" wide and 1 1/8" high. Vitrified body is very strong. Another first quality closeout item so quantities are limited. 36 pcs/case Cobalt blue crescent shaped tray measuring 8 3/4" x 4 1/8". Has a good sized lip to hold in sauces. Great shape and color! Packaged 12 pieces per case. Closeout price 30 cents
each, $10.80 per case Sorry Currently Sold Out! Call us for possible alternatives. Sorry Currently Sold Out! Call us for possible alternatives.

Price $7.92 each,
$95.04 per case

Oval baker makes a nice tapas dish. This one is 6 1/4" x 4 1/2"x 1 1/4" and holds about 10 oz. 12 pcs/case White rectangular plate measuring 8" x 5 1/2". Heavy feel to it. Comes 12 pcs/case. Small souffl. Holds 5 oz and measures 3 3/8" in diameter, 1 5/8" high. Bright white color. 48 pcs/case

Price $4.60 each,
$55.22 per case

Price of $6.13 each
$73.58 per case
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