Corelle Plates

September 21, 2016
I found an old set of Corelle

Create a beautiful dinner spread with Corelle dinnerware. Sleek, pretty dinnerware looks great set out on the table, especially when paired with a nice tablecloth and flatware. Dinnerware sets usually include dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs. Choose one versatile solid color set or switch colors and styles to keep things fresh and new. Dinnerware from Corelle is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose from round or square dishes for even more options.

Round dinnerware from Corelle is an excellent choice for daily place settings. Enjoy the simplicity and beauty of smooth, round dishes in smooth white porcelain/stoneware. White dishes are ultra versatile because they match with accessories and flatware of any color. Round Corelle dinnerware with printed patterns is a fancier option for special occasions.

For an elegant straight-edged look, set the table with square dinnerware. Square plates, bowls and cups have an interesting tactile feel, drawing attention to artfully-prepared food and desserts. Square dishes work wonderfully for Asian themed meals and decorating as well. Don't forget to include some nice chopsticks!

For kitchens and tables that have solid color decor, add interest with print pattern dinnerware. Intricate patterns like floral print, leaves and bold modern curls express distinct style at every dinner party. Switch to orange leaf print dinnerware for autumn and floral dinnerware for summer and spring or use a tried and true favorite all year long.

Going for a bold, modern flair? Striking black and white dinnerware from Corelle will complete the look. Patterns like scroll curls look fantastic in highlight contrasting tones like black and white and draw the eyes instantly. Choose white dinnerware with a black pattern around the outside rim or opt for solid color contrast with mixed and matched sets. White plates and bowls will set black mugs apart.

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