Gibson Porcelain Dinnerware

January 27, 2015
Vintage White Gibson Porcelain
Click to enlargeThe name "Pillivuyt" has been synonymous with fine French porcelain since 1818, when Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt saw the advantages of porcelain over porous earthenware. Pillivuyt French porcelain is culinary grade and made of the finest raw materials. All pieces are hand made and designed by some of the finest porcelain craftsmen and designers in France. Each piece of Pillivuyt French porcelain is fired at 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes the porcelain non-porous, able to withstand intense heat, easy to clean, heat evenly and retain heat well. All pieces are lead and cadmium free, shock, thermal shock, scratch and chip resistant and will not craze. Dishwasher, microwave, oven, broiler and grill safe-freezer to oven safe, also. Pillivuyt culinary porcelain is made using a variety of methods. Pieces are molded, pressed, thrown and cast. All Pillivuyt porcelain is backstamped with the Pillivuyt name and logo. Made in France.

Pillivuyt porcelain is the gourmet's bakeware and dinnerware. If you are serious about cooking and using the highest quality porcelain baking dishes, porcelain dinnerware and serving dishes you need to look no further than Pillivuyt. Pillivuyt culinary porcelain is made of very dense Pillenium porcelain (Pillivuyt's proprietary clay mix that allows Pillivuyt porcelain to be thinner and tougher) that is scratch, thermal shock resistant, impact and chip resistant. Pillivuyt dinnerware is simple and elegant, looks great on the table and will delight the gourmet cook.

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