Kitchen & Dining

December 2, 2021
Brewery Square Fairfield

Dining Tables: The dining table is the central element of your dining room as the place where everyone gathers. A large room is perfect for a round dining table, or if you prefer a rustic style choose the sturdy farmhouse table. Smaller tables can also work well as a kitchen table.

Dining Sets: Get the perfect pairing of table and seating in a dining set. With tables that come with chairs, stools, and even benches, you’ll get furniture that sets the tone for your dining room. We offer casual and formal pieces, with modern and rustic styles.

Dining Chairs: Choosing a set of dining chairs lets you select from a wide variety of styles. Traditional leather chairs, more formal upholstered chairs, and even leather chairs. Choose from different colors and finishes to add depth to your dining room or kitchen.

Sideboards: Providing storage for your dining room, sideboards act as a useful accent. Sideboards and buffet can provide shelving, drawers, and even wine storage. They can also act as a buffet table when you entertain guests.

Barstools: Bar stools and kitchen stools give extra seating in a small amount of space and can take advantage of a table, island, countertop, or breakfast bar. Check the height so you know if you need a tall or short barstool, or get an adjustable stool.

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