Polish Stoneware Unikat

June 22, 2018
Polish Pottery Unikat 7 Inch
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"Great packaging to prevent any breakage. Best I have seen yet! I will purchase again from this site. Great variety of patterns also." - Christy R., TX

"Wonderful patterns and selection, fair prices, fast delivery." - Cathy T., IL

"I have had an extraordinary and wonderful experience with Polish Pottery Online. The website was efficient, complete with excellent photos of the pottery and history of the artists who paint the pottery. There was a huge selection of patterns and pieces. I was very pleased with the check-out and verification of my information. Confirmation of my purchase was immediate and instructions on delivery and how my credit card would be billed. I was informed as to shipment date and delivery date and amazed at the accuracy. A follow up letter of thank-you and a discount on my next purchase with them followed. I am very, very impressed with the customer service and the product is out-standing.I love my dishes and they arrived in time for Thanksgiving.boy, were we thankful to count our blessings and use these gorgeous dishes. Thank you so much, Polish Pottery Online." - Marilee B., CO

"I love to be able to see polish pottery online with ease and convince. Seeing different patterns, and what is coming up in the near future is exciting and fun. I enjoy buying pottery online and will continue to do so." - Cam S., NJ


Our Pottery comes from several factories in Boleslawiec, Poland. The highest quality Polish pottery is made by famous Ceramika Artystyczna factory. Another large manufacturer is and we carry variety of stunning patterns from that factory. We also carry some pottery from smaller factories.
Due to the nature of hand painting, slight color and/or pattern variation may occur.

Please click on pictures to see Polish Pottery patterns.

The original has been produced in Boleslawiec since 1830. Each piece is hand-formed and hand-decorated using the unique punch technique. Decorative motifs are applied to the surface of the pottery object with small stamps soaked in paint. Different types of stamps are used to apply patterns on a single product. The number of individual decorative motifs achieved in this way can reach several thousand. Painting on pottery became richly colorful in Boleslawiec region. Most traditional decorations are inspired by the colors of the peacock feather. Recently, however, other patterns have emerged and special - more sophisticated patterns are introduced from time to time. These increasingly detailed patterns are crafted with additional hand painting - therefore, these pieces cost more than traditional designs. The work produced by original masters is called UNIKAT and pieces are signed by the individual artist. The price reflects the quality, detailed, careful painting, attention to design and time dedicated to each piece of pottery. The patterns are designed to complement each other. This allows collectors of to mix and match patterns.

Polish Pottery Stoneware Patterns - Nature, Kaleidoscope, Peacock, Stars & Stripes (Americana), Stars, Evergreen, Country Meadow, Emerald Lily, Flowering Peacock, Snowman, Renaissance, Festive Garden, Grapes, Fall Tulip, Winter Wonderland, Jade Swirl, Harvest Garden, Fall Moon, Heavenly Flower, Garden Flower

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