Discount Dinnerware

August 9, 2019
Discount Dinnerware Online

Bauscher Porcelain Dinnerware Made in GermanyBauscher - World market leader in professional porcelain. Made in Germany. With 18 shapes, 8000 patterns and a white product assorment of well over 2000 articles.

Lodge Tableware Mini–Servers MADE IN THE USA

Four Stylish foundry seasoned cast iron tableware minis will enhance any cookware offering. Like all Lodge Cast Iron cookware, Tableware is versatile— perfect for hot or cold appetizers, desserts, sauces, or specialty entrees!

China Fair Restaurant Supply

Founded in 1966, we have earned a reputation for quality items at the lowest prices. Our client base spans family generations throughout New England. This includes major restaurants and hotels along with the local culinary schools.Lodge Tableware Mini–Servers We also service some of the finest bed and breakfasts in our surrounding states.

We have been supplying restaurants and caterers for over 49 years. Anything from the chef with a new dessert needing a unique plate, to out fitting an entire 250 seat establishment. We can help !!

We stock thousands of items with a huge inventory ! Whether it is a new dish idea or an entertainment need, we have you covered. Glassware, Dinnerware, Disposable Paper Goods and trays, much much more.

Small Wares in stock for any of your needs Ladles, Skimmers, Spoons, China Caps, and more Hundreds of the small wares you truly need IN STOCK. Ladles, tongs, skimmers, plating spoons. Aluminum Stock Pots from 16qt to 140qt IN STOCK. And if we dont have it, we will find it and get it for you.

Rosenthal Dinnerware


  • We also import our own line of Restaurants grade vitrified super white porcelain. With well over 100 different shapes in stock, we can supply you cash and carry service. Our warehouse has over 60, 000 pieces in stock! We buy directly from the factory saving you 50-70% on comparable products. Item for Item, No one can beat our pricing.

    Round wide rim, Coupe Shape, Square, Rectangle with countless accessories. Sauce dishes, tea pots, ramekins, and bakers.

Small Wares in stock for any of your needs Ladles,  Skimmers,  Spoons,  China Caps,  and more Rosenthal Dinnerware Made in Germany
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