Cool plastic Plates

February 7, 2023
Plastic Dinner Plates

Leading the Way with
Functional Innovation

Plastic Plate decorative finishes optimize the look and feel of any vehicle with a "cool to the touch" quality traditionally available only with real metal. Our unparalleled color development processes balance bright and muted finishes while maintaining exquisite finish harmony throughout the vehicle. We are a full service supplier with captive design, engineering, prototyping, testing, molding, painting, plating and other services for the production of various trim components found within the vehicle interior. Including us early in the design phase helps reduce supply costs, speeds the manufacturing process, and ensures product robustness.

Ready to Serve You with All Your Decorative Interior Trim Needs

Utilizing Plastic Plate for your complete interior decorative trim packages ensures color harmony and averts costly rematches. When you source the world's most advanced decorative technologies, you also solve the interior trim industry's oldest challenge — buzz, squeak and rattle!

Looking to Differentiate Models or Refresh a Product Line?

Plastic Plate can help you accomplish all of this and more with our innovative finishes. Our multiple decorative technologies provide numerous possibilities for customization of any vehicle without the need for major retooling investment. Our Selective Spinelle™ Metal Finish process gives a single part the look that other manufacturers can only accomplish through use of multiple components.

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