Silver Plates and bowls

February 13, 2023
Silver plates and bowls

Innovative people like to show off their personal sense of style wherever they are. They’re not ashamed to be different; instead, they practically revel in it. Chances are, you too are that kind of person. At west elm, we exist for you. Don’t be afraid to make a statement in front of your guests with our stylish dessert bowls and plates. Bold colors aren’t for the timid, sure, but they are spectacular. Lively patterns meld with sophisticated contours for pieces that impress. Whether you’re just kicking back in front of the TV with your family after work, or are in the middle of a dinner party, our high-quality serveware makes everything a little more exciting.
As if their vibrant tones weren’t enough, our Textured Dip Bowls add a whole other dimension to tabletop decor. Ideal for cold desserts like ice cream and sorbet, as well as snacks or chips and dip, these great bowls are versatile for effortless entertaining. Check out our selection of for something with even more flair. If you want to create unforgettable drinks for your guests, a lets you stay close to the party while serving. Our gives the event a touch of sophistication.

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