Great Gatherings dishes

April 25, 2022
Tommy Bahama Blue Olive
1905 Towne Center Blvd
Ste 120
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 266-1111

This is a beautiful store with great merchandise. The sales staff was not pushy or overwhelming. They gave us some initial information then checked on us later as we roamed the store. After getting a good look at some patio furniture sets we informed the salesperson of what we were looking for and we were Immediately escorted to two different sets that fit our criteria. One was on clearance. After learning about the quality work of the manufacturer and some of the high end hotels/ resorts that buy from them because of their reputation, we were sold. Even though this set was on clearance they were NOT selling the floor model but a brand new set they had in the warehouse. It was such a seamless and easy buying experience. Even if you are not in the market for furniture or pool tables they have wonderful unique accessories that are beautiful, fun, and affordable. With our purchase we received a $250 gift card to the store. A nice perk indeed. Delivery was smooth and trouble free. The workers delivered, unwrapped and set up the furniture according to my wishes. We have had our set now for about 4 months and are completely satisfied. We have been told that our new patio looks like it belongs on a cover of a magazine. Thanks Great Gatherings! Also, we ended up buying an outdoor rug from the store as well to match our new set. Unfortunately we had some issues with the rug fading but Great Gatherings worked with us to rectify the situation. Their customer service was top notch. As a result, we will continue to patronize this store and tell others about our experience.

Kinda expensive but nice things. They have a nice discount for people who live at the towne centre.

Looking for great outdoor furniture or building up your man-cave, then head on over here. What a nice change of pace from your regular furniture place. Here you will find any high quality item for your man-cave: bars, pool tables, shuffle board, name it, they got it and quite a large selection too. The store is huge and has a large selection of outdoor furniture too. If you buy from here, you will take a huge chunk out of your wallet, but you will always have the best looking patio in the neighborhood.

I wish I could afford a $1200 Chandelier! Unfortunately, I will have to settle for random walks into this store to browse all of the cool home entertainment furniture. If you own a small home, you might find it difficult to find anything in here that will fit in your place. Maybe the bar stools...but pool tables, shuffle board tables, patio furniture.not so much. You will also find party dishware, wine glasses of all kinds, and mixers. It's a bit pricey, but they do have some cute and unique stuff. If you like throwing house parties, this is a good one stop shop. In my opinion, I'd rather pick up cool furniture from a consignment store or checking Craigslist Annapolis.

This Ain't Your Mother's Ethan Allen "I'll be here a while. Why don't you go check out that barstool place." We're at the Annapolis Towne Center Mall. My darling bride ducks into Coldwater Creek and says, I'll be here a while. Why don't you go check out that barstool place. It's just past the Target on the left." DISCLAIMER: Simple things amaze me. As I walking I notice the landscaping which includes saplings with a green, barely-above ground speaker by each one, piping music audible from the sidewalk. There are some sparse liriope (monkey grass) clumps around them which I'm sure will fill in in a few years. So I get to "The Barstool Place" and head for, well . . . the barstools. If you haven't been in a GreatGatherings before (I hadn't), it's like if really cool, fun people stocked an Ethan Allen. After finding some barstools to show darling wife, I start looking around this acre of wonder. (Actually, 17, 000 square feet.) I mean, there's a club height table on which the top comes off, and it turns into a craps table. There are slot machines with tokens you can play with. There's at least ten bars ranging from $5, 000 to $10, 000. I began having visions of transforming my finished basement into the "man cave." They even had one of those long, narrow maple tables coated with sand where you slide the little metal puck sto the end. Best of all, there was sand and little metal pucks, and no one cared if you played. Why only 5 stars. Well, let me tell you. DW takes forever in Coldwater Creek so I sit down a respectable distance from a class by a local winery. We have vineyards in Maryland? There are about 30 people seated around tables in the outdoor furniture section, and very attractive helpers (VAHs) are bringing them food and pouring wine in their glasses. After a while I feel like a little puppy dog hoping one of the VAHs will notice my sad eyes and offer me a sip. I obviously need to work on my pathetic, sad doggy look because I don't think the VAHs knew I existed. Maybe if I would have whimpered a little bit. Turns out it was a free class. There was no hard sell at the end, only passing out a list of local stores stocking their wines. I'm definitely getting on GreatGatherings' mailing list. I've posted some pix of all the neat stuff.

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