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March 17, 2018
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Question:Hello Stacy,
Thank you so much for taking my call today. As I said my husband and I found this water crock about 18 years ago under my Uncle’s porch and we just love it. We are very interested to know if it is Red Wing or what and about how much it is worth. It does have a small chip out of the neck area but not all the way through.
Thank you so much for your help!


You have a Red Wing Stoneware Company 4 gallon birch leaf Ice Water. These were produced between the late 1890?s and before 1909 and are earlier than the Red Wing Water Coolers. Mint condition value around 0- 5 with nice dark blue marks, chip hurts value depends on where it is, minus 0 or so. Beautiful piece. Cliff Olson


I can not find this specific redwing stoneware anywhere. I have found similar but the writing has been blue or colored. This one has black writing. just was curious on age and if it’s worth anything.


The reversed oval birch leave churns are out there, they are just not as common as the others. Your churn with mint would have a value between $175-200. Dates around 1900. Thanks Cliff

Hello. I am wondering about the value of this 20 gal upside oval crock. It has a 6 inch wing. One small chip out of the handle, small 1 inch crack above the base on the outside. The markings are pretty strong. Thank you.


Answer: Jeb, Your upside down oval is unusual but they are out there. A 20 like this mint would be a 0 crock add 0 for a upside down oval. A line takes the value down 0-0. Cliff


Attached you will find a picture of a crock that we have had floating around for a rather long time …. It is my hope that you may be able to tell me if it is an antique or not … if not, my husband wants to use it as a planter.

The dimensions are 15-3/4″ outside by 17″ high. It appears to be about 20 gallon and I cannot find any stamp on it either side or bottom … the picture is all that I have to go on. I am not even sure that it is a Red Wing or not.

Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.


Marlene, you have a North Star Stoneware Company 10 gallon primitive butterfly crock that was produced in Red Wing, MN. The North Star Company when out of business somewhere around 1893 due to a depression. It is a very desirable crock among the Red Wing collectors and if in perfect condition, can fetch anywhere between $800 & $1000. So tell your husband to go find another planter! Al Kohlman

If this is Red Wing, can you tell me an approximate age and value?

Thank you,

Value of a 5 gallon North Star Company leaf churn in mint condition is between $350 & $400.

Hi, I just purchased this nice butter churn from a flea market in Pinetop Arizona. There are no chips or cracks that I can notice.

The man thought it was pretty old, and I just really loved it. I looked up the design on the pottery, and found that it was made in

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